Silver Lake Animal Hospital
5707 Hadley Avenue North | Saint Paul, MN 55128 | (651) 748-1900

First Visit Silver Lake Animal Hospital

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your pet. The following information will be of help in ensuring that we know as much about your pet’s medical status as possible:
  • Relevant medical history (chronic or recurrent disease or other concerns)
  • Vaccine history (when was your pet vaccinated and against what diseases, if known)
  • Previous or current veterinary care providers from whom we could request medical records
  • Do you have any general concerns about your pet?
We organize our day on an appointment basis, allowing 30 minutes for routine appointments and longer amounts of time if needed. We ask that you make an appointment so that your time is reserved. If your schedule does not allow for a regular appointment, we also offer the option of admitting your pet for a part of the day. If you choose the latter, please be sure to help us with a good history and a telephone number at which we can reach you at short notice.