Silver Lake Animal Hospital
5707 Hadley Avenue North | Saint Paul, MN 55128 | (651) 748-1900

Services Silver Lake Animal Hospital

We offer:
  • Preventive medicine Prevention is easier, safer and less expensive than treatment. Regular exams allow us to detect medical conditions earlier. During these exams we can decide which vaccines may be appropriate for your pet.
  • Internal medicine Our hospital is equipped to perform digital radiology and a wide array of laboratory tests, allowing us to diagnose and treat most diseases. We have separate areas for hospitalizing dogs and cats, an isolation ward and an intensive care unit.
  • Surgery A separate surgical suite allows us to perform many types of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries in a safe environment. We use the safest anesthesia, coupled with close monitoring, to minimize any risk to your pet. Complex orthopedics can be completed on site by board certified surgeons.
  • Dermatology Skin diseases, particularly allergies, are very common in animals in our area. We use a variety of therapies, including diet manipulation, nutritional supplements and drugs to control these conditions.
  • Dentistry Diseases of the teeth and mouth are frequently overlooked. They can be the cause of many problems from bad breath to heart disease. Combining the latest in veterinary dental equipment with advanced training for our staff, we are able to improve your pet’s oral health significantly.
  • Behavioral counseling Frequently, medical conditions will cause undesirable behaviors, from pain induced aggression to urinating in the house. Consultation, in conjunction with a medical workup, may allow us to resolve these behaviors, leaving you and your pet happier.
  • A strong referral network Choosing what is best in the care of your pets may involve a referral to someone outside the hospital. We have developed a strong referral network within the veterinary community. Resources range from oncology to acupuncture, ultrasound to herbal medicine. As a team, we can work for your pet’s best care.