Silver Lake Animal Hospital
5707 Hadley Avenue North | Saint Paul, MN 55128 | (651) 748-1900

Testimonials Silver Lake Animal Hospital

I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. They are knowledgeable and very kind, caring people. They make you feel as though you are the only ones that matter. - Carol G., July 14 - 2017

Awesome Vet! Took care of my new kitten and was very helpful in any questions I had. Kerry N., March 22 - 2017

Have been taking my little Bella to them for a number of years, always happy with the service. Staff are wonderful. Diane L., March 13 - 2017

We just had our cat, Chicken, spayed on Monday. She is recovering wonderfully and doing very well. The staff at Silver Lake were very helpful with all of our questions, and called the next morning to check up on our girl. We will be continuing to use Silver Lake as our primary vet! Very impressed. - Colleen B., February 9 - 2017

I just called with questions regarding my kitten Elsa, and her first vaccinations at my clinic this morning. I don't remember the tech's name that I talked to, but she was very reassuring and listened to my concerns and didn't get mad or upset. She said I was a worried kitten mother, and that was just fine. She reassured me that my Elsa was fine, and the side effects she's experiencing are perfectly normal. Thank you so much for listening to me and helping to reassure me that my Elsa is just fine. I really appreciate it. - Sarah B., December 30 - 2016