Silver Lake Animal Hospital
5707 Hadley Avenue North | Saint Paul, MN 55128 | (651) 748-1900

Testimonials Silver Lake Animal Hospital

"Very Caring Doctors and staff!!" -Sylvie Deyo July 28th 2019

"So kind and patient with my scared pup - I appreciated how sweet they were to him!!" -Karah Piepkorn July 15 2019

"My boyfriend and I just inherited the sweetest cat from our ex-roommate and he hadn't been to the vet in years. Everyone was extremely helpful and kind in figuring out exactly what we needed to do to make sure our fur-baby was finally up-to-date on vaccinations and the like. They are an encouraging bunch that you can tell care about animals and getting them the care they need, as well as reassuring the owners/parents and giving them the information they need." -Arianna Pajtash  Jan 10 2018

"Dr. Frost always takes his time explaining and educating about our pets. I’ve been going here for at least 15 years. He’s always been this way. He treats our animals as if they were his own. He is very gentle as has been genuinely sympathetic when our pets have been ill. He is very kind! Because of this, when we moved and lived almost an hour away for just a couple years, we still took our animals to him and the other vets here for their care." -Kristin McCall April 13 2019

"The people here were wonderful! So gentle and nice with my cat - even while giving a vaccination!! He was so calm (which is very rare) and happy. Love this place." - Madison Golding August 16 2018